Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zander's 1st wrestling tounament

Zander started Kid's Federation Wrestling this year and today was his first tournament. The day started way too early at 5:30am with an 90 min drive to Beliot. Zander was the only one in his weight class of 37lbs so he wrestled the next weight class up which was 40lbs. He did a pretty good job!

Congrats Zander Cox on 4th place at the Beloit Tournament. You did awesome!!!

He cracks me up. After the first match he said to me. "I was the green color. I wanted to be red" and after the day was over and he received his medal he said "mom, were you worried I wasn't going to get a trophy or a medal?" I said "no, I knew you did good I wasn't worried" Then he said. "Next time I'm going to get a trophy!"

I can't believe they are 5!!!!!

Zoe and Zander turned 5 this year. WOW, I can't believe it's been 5 years. We had Rob's family over for cake and ice cream. Ashton didn't understand why it wasn't his birthday too. Happy Birthday Zoe and Zander! You two are so special and I love that you think when you grow up you're going to marry each other! lol. I hope in years to come you stay best friends.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl

Anika turned 9 years old this year. For her birthday I took her and three friends rollerskating. This was Anika's first time at the rink and she was a pro! Afterwords we went out to lunch and somehow the girls talked me into taking them to the mall. Some of those girls can really shop! On the way back the girls were laughing and talking and I heard one of them say.."this is the best day ever!" A smile came over my face, maybe I am a cool mom after all!

Have a smurf'n halloween!

I was so excited to take the kids out this year, because I LOVE the smurfs!!! The blue faces took a couple some hard scubbing to get completely off, but I think the kids had fun. We tried to get Anika to be Gargamel, but she found this pink sparkly outfit and even though we tried to bribe her, she wasn't going to change her mind. I think she looks pretty cute!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

K-state volley ball

We love taking the kids to K-state volleyball games. They love getting to see Willey the Wildcat......even Rob got his picture with Willy.

K-State kids!

I love Zoe's smile... :)

The kids love going to the football games! Their favorite part is giving the players high-fives as they go on and off the field. This was Zoe's first game.